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Crisis Management Today

May 1, 2017

In The Headlines

Send in the Drones

Don't bother - they're here. And they're about to increase exponentially in number. Here's what journalists are being told about their use.


Fox News Followed The Money In Firing O’Reilly – And Failed Crisis Communications Test

The axe that hovered for weeks finally fell as Fox announced that Bill O’Reilly would not be returning to Fox News Channel in the wake of a string of explosive sexual harassment. Here's what didn't happen.

Did American Airlines Profit from United's Poor Example?

United Airlines tosses Dr. Dao off the plane, issues a lawyer-like "sorry we had to re-accommodate passengers" statement - and it's still top-of-mind. Compare & contrast to American Airlines' viral video situation that is already fading from memory.

Our Perspective

The New Law of Litigation Communications: Your Case Will Now Be Heard – On Facebook

Social media cannot be ignored. It is a critical part of presidential politics - and revolutions in the Middle East. As well, it's now an unavoidable part of high-profile legal cases, just as traditional media has and will continue to be.

When Twitter Attacks
Companies must apologize quickly for mistakes before social media magnify them.
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5/1  Ohio Assoc. of Secondary Schools Administrators 
5/2   Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority
5/3   Maritime Law Association of the United States
5/4   Davis Graham & Stubbs



5/4   Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell LLP
5/8   Baird & Co.
5/10  Porter Wright
5/16  Ohio Homeland Security - Public Private Partnership



Nisi Pro Advocatorum

As almost any general counsel of a large, publicly traded, consumer-oriented company will tell you, legal controversies today are tried in the Court of Public Opinion — at least as much as in any Court of Law. Every organization has much to gain (or lose) by the way a legal controversy is positioned in the media. Because the value of a company’s reputation is immeasurable — and perhaps its largest uninsured asset — the organization loses when the brand image is tarnished, even if the corporation technically wins at trial.  Furthermore, since most legal controversies are settled prior to trial, the Court of Public Opinion has arguably become the most important battleground affecting not only good will and market share, but legal bargaining power and settlement negotiations. Managing this battleground, therefore, has become integral to many corporations’ legal strategies. 

                        Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics

“An attorney’s duties do not begin inside the courtroom door.” 

                         Gentile vs. State Bar of Nevada 

In these days of 24/7 instant news, where Twitter and Facebook exponentially amplify crisis situations, organizations simply cannot wait until a legal decision is rendered.  They must be prepared to vigorously defend their position in a wide variety of venues, as well as media outlets. 

Hennes Communications regularly works with and for outside and general counsel for corporations, government agencies, non-profits, schools, hospitals and educational institutions, helping them communicate their way through legal and reputational challenges ranging from criminal charges and claims of medical and professional malpractice to labor and employment issues, food and product liability issues, ownership and transition disputes that threaten the very existence of an organization. We are practiced in the art of working with attorneys and, in fact, are frequently brought in by attorneys who recognize the value we bring to the table. 



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