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Crisis Management Today

April 15, 2017

In The Headlines

Crisis Management: Preparing for the Next Big Event

No matter the crisis, organizations can take steps to weather the storm and emerge stronger.


A Fox In The Bill O'Reilly House: A Study In 'Mercantile Activism'

Fox News’ slipshod handling of sexual harassment charges against former CEO Roger Ailes and commentator Bill O’Reilly should serve as an object lesson for companies and sponsors caught in Trump-era klieg lights.

Crisis Management - Your Organization's Reputation is Its Largest Uninsured Asset

Your brand (or your client's) can face a significant reputational challenge in the time it takes to bang out a 140-character tweet. Simply put, executives no longer have the luxury of gathering around a table to discuss strategy. You need a plan.

Our Perspective

Shooting Your Reputation in the Foot: Self-Inflicted Crisis Management Lessons from United Airlines

Apologies are meaningless without actions. From one Twitter post: “@united good news is that as people see video of you assaulting a passenger, your overbooking problem should fix your overbooking problem." Here's our advice.

Crisis Management & Homeland Security Lessons from Bad Movies:
Lesson #1: Be Willing to Increase the Intensity of
Your Defensive Measures

In the first Godzilla movie, Godzilla, King of the Monsters, the Japanese military attempted to halt Godzilla’s advance towards the heart of Tokyo by erecting a set of power lines which carried three hundred thousand volts. This proved insufficient; Godzilla walked right through it. Two movies later, in King Kong vs. Godzilla, they upped the voltage to a million volts, which had the desired effect of making Godzilla steer clear. However, this leads into our next lesson…


4/18   Queens County (NYC) Bar Association
4/21   Lake County Safety Council
4/24   Press Club of Cleveland
4/25   Cleveland Council of Independent Schools
4/27   Ohio Atty. General's Conference f/University Atty's


5/1  Ohio Assoc. of Secondary School Administrators
5/2   G. Dayton RTA - Midwest Transit Leadership Program
5/3   Maritime Lawyers of the United States
5/4   Davis Graham
5/4   Wheeler Trigg


Not for Lawyers Only

Although some lawyers may be adept in (the) role (of spokesperson), this is not true of all. Moreover, there are risks associated with lawyers acting as spokespeople. First, a lawyer's statement may be given either too much weight or too little. On the one hand, a lawyer's words may be given more weight because a lawyer is viewed as an "officer of the court." On the other hand, however, a lawyer may be seen as a "hired gun," willing to say anything to help his/her client prevail. Second...playing the role of legal PR manager can augment conflict of interests that may jeopardize the lawyer's effectiveness and loyalty to the client. Instead of focusing on the best interests of the corporate client when advocating in the court of public opinion, the lawyer may be concerned with his or her own reputation; or, if the lawyer is external, the law firm's reputation. This tendency is likely only enhanced when the lawyer is acting as a spokesperson. 

Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics


Crisis Mgmt. vs. Issue Mgmt.

If it hits you fast, it’s a crisis.  But it if you saw it coming days or weeks ahead, it’s probably an issue.
Crisis management requires fast actions, often without time for deliberation and consensus, making decisions on the spot.  Crises are time-consuming, disruptive, often off-budget - and often pose existential danger to your organization or job.
Issue management offers time for research and analysis, consensus and a cost-effective response.  Issue management is deliberative, with a greater chance to minimize damage and disruption to organizational efforts.

One way to discern the difference is with a Vulnerability Audit.  And the best way to handle both is to call the crisis and issue management specialists at Hennes Communications.


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