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Crisis Management Today

January 15, 2017

In The Headlines

Attorneys & Communications Experts - Who Trumps Whom?

Attorneys and communication experts must work together to preserve an organization's reputation.


Taking Out the Trash and 3 Other Ways to Handle February TV “Sweeps”

If a controversial issue strikes your organization during February sweeps, expect TV news crews to jump on it, and jump on it big. Your defense choices: hide; take out the ‘trash’; or come clean.

Crisis and Reputation Management Increasingly are About Managing Social Media

How fast is social media at reporting on events – including events that your organization might consider a crisis? Faster than you.

Our Perspective

Twitterer-in-Chief Donald Trump

We are on the brink of uncharted waters as the next president of the United States appears to be determined to continue to share his thoughts unfiltered and in real-time via Twitter.

"If you don't tell your own story, competitors or detractors will tell it for you. Especially in an era when "fake news" has become pervasive, your organization must exert maximum control over its own narrative."

Richard Levick, Esq., Chairman & CEO of LEVICK


Brouse McDowell LPA
Bruce Hennes January 19, 2017

Cohen & Company
Bruce Hennes January 26, 2017


National Association of Bar Executives
Bruce Hennes & Thom Fladung February 2, 2017

National Conference of Bar Presidents
Bruce Hennes February 3, 2017


Crisis Mgmt. vs Issues Mgmt.

If it hits you fast, it’s a crisis.  But it if you saw it coming days or weeks ahead, it’s probably an issue.
Crisis management requires fast actions, often without time for deliberation and consensus, making decisions on the spot.  Crises are time-consuming, disruptive, often off-budget - and often pose existential danger to your organization or job.
Issue management offers time for research and analysis, consensus and a cost-effective response.  Issue management is deliberative, with a greater chance to minimize damage and disruption to organizational efforts.

One way to discern the difference is with a Vulnerability Audit.  And the best way to handle both is to call the crisis and issue management specialists at Hennes Communications.

For the Lawyers

As almost any general counsel of a large, publicly traded, consumer-oriented company will tell you, legal controversies today are tried in the Court of Public Opinion -- at least as much as in any Court of Law.  Every organization...has much to gain (or lose) by the way a legal controversy is positioned in the media. Because the value of a company's reputation is immeasurable -- and perhaps its largest uninsured asset -- a corporation loses when the brand image is tarnished, even if the corporation technically wins at trial.  Furthermore, since most legal controversies are settled prior to trial, the Court of Public Opinion has arguably become the most important battleground affecting not only good will and market share, but legal bargaining power and settlement negotiations.   Managing this battleground, therefore, has become integral to many corporations' legal strategies.

Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics

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