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The Incredible Shrinking TV News Audience

[by Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications] The fight for your eyeballs just escalated among TV news people. New numbers out from the Pew Research Center say that now, only half of American adults rely on television for their news. That’s down from 57% in 2016. The biggest user losers? Local TV news stations, which dropped from […]

This Delta Pilot Did Something Great. So Why Didn’t the Airline Want to Recognize Him?

This is the way airplane delays should be handled. And, just what we counsel. From writer Jeff Haden: I was sitting in a gate area at the Atlanta airport, waiting to board flight Delta flight 2074 to Norfolk, Virginia, when a gate agent announced, “We’re sorry, but boarding will be delayed while the mechanics take […]

Could It Happen Here? Talking about Somebody Else’s Accident.

Last summer’s deadly Grenfell Tower fire gave risk management expert Peter Sandman cause to consider whether a tragedy in one place should give encouragement to owners and managers of similar facilities reason to proactively talk to their stakeholders about similar risks. Conventional wisdom usually leads most to avoid drawing comparisons – or any attention whatsoever […]

The Recent Tide of Apologies by Famous Men Has Been ‘Awful.’ Here’s What the Men Should Have Said.

From The Washington Post: The near-daily tide of sexual misconduct allegations against famous men has spawned a head-turning stream of apologies, acknowledgments that experts say have been generally self-serving and aimed at the public more than the victims. The apologies have often seemed obligatory, as the men offer excuses for their behavior or cast doubt […]

Thom Fladung Named Managing Partner of Crisis Communications Firm, Hennes Communications

Firm’s Founder Bruce Hennes Becomes CEO CLEVELAND, OHIO, January 10, 2018 – Hennes Communications, one of the few firms in the U.S. focused exclusively on crisis management and crisis communications, today announced that Thom Fladung has become a minority owner of the firm, assuming the role of managing partner. Bruce Hennes, who founded the firm […]

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The Media Revolution is ‘Iterative’ and Social: Experts Share How Not to Get Left Behind

From Bar Leader, a publication of the American Bar Association: “You’re all living in a media revolution,” said Thom Fladung, vice president of Hennes Communications. “And you don’t even know it.” Offering a window onto one aspect of that revolution, Bruce Hennes, president of the same crisis communications firm, said, “I don’t think there’s a reporter […]

Lawyers Who Do Their Own Media Strategy Have a Fool for a Client

From our good friend, Gene Grabowski: A disturbing sidebar to the story about accusations that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein engaged in decades of alleged sexual misconduct features the performance of his former lawyer, Lisa Bloom. Bloom, who resigned after clashing with the Weinstein Company’s board of directors, was recently exposed for presenting to the board […]

“Thanks, and I Hope We Never See You Again!”

A Holiday Wish from Hennes Communications [by Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications] As you might well imagine, there are emotional hazards associated with working as a crisis consultant. Though every client is happy – or at least, relieved – to see us walk in the door as a crisis is breaking and their reputation is threatened, […]

When Crisis Management is in the Dark: Front Seat at the Atlanta Airport Power Outage

[by Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications] Atlanta’s sprawling Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL) may boast awards for efficiency, but after electrical switching gear fried and fire took down power – and backup power – for 30,000 souls left stranded in the dark for 11 hours, ATL won’t be winning crisis communications awards any time soon. I was caught […]

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