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A Fox In The Bill O’Reilly House: A Study In ‘Mercantile Activism’

From our colleague, Richard Levick:

Fox News’ slipshod handling of sexual harassment charges against former CEO Roger Ailes and über commentator Bill O’Reilly should serve as an object lesson for companies caught in Trump-era klieg lights — not to mention the indirect light these crises shed on their sponsors. In an era of one-party rule and instant digital activism, companies — and the company they keep — are more expected than ever to stand for something beyond just profits and shareholder value.

For Fox and other companies tolerant of “star-misbehavior” that have promised zero-tolerance for abhorrent workplace behavior and vowed to clean up a misogynistic culture that sounds like a Mad Men episode, they’d better make good on their promises.

Because if they don’t, their credibility is going to be tainted, their market share is almost certain to absorb a hit, and their corporate partners may decide to take their money and influence elsewhere.

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